Oculum Photography is a photo distribution and photography event company based in Toronto, Canada. This exiting adventure originated from a small photo project which started on the 29th of December, 2015, expanding into a photography and event company that demonstrates the beauty of landscape and architecture from around the world.

Oculum's creator and photographer, Aitor Rodriguez Claro, is a European citizen who now resides in Canada. He studied at the University of Basque Country, achieving a degree in Physical Education. Upon relocating to Canada, Aitor recieved classes in photography at OCAD University in Toronto. Travelling between Europe and North America every year, Oculum photography captures the true essence of both the old world and new.

Oculum Photography is associated with photographers across the globe, presenting its brand in the professional world and endorsed by fellow artists.

Born in the city of Bilbao, Spain in 1990, Aitor Rodriguez Claro found his passion for photography in his early teenage years wandering the streets of his hometown. The natural beauty that surrounded the city and ran through it was what inspired him to attain a job in a summer camp, where he managed to save enough euros to buy his first camera. From then on, the camera was an essential part in capturing the beauty of the everyday landscape and activity that occupied the heart of Northern Spain.

With a passion for nature, architecture, and portraiture, Aitor's love for photography followed him to Canada when he moved in September of 2012 and has since remained. Inspired by diverse natural and cultivated landscapes from the scenery of Banff to the islands of Muskoka and cityscape of Toronto, Aitor began to form his own photographic style, wanting to capture the same passion he had for Spain in his newfound love for Canada. Having taken a few photography courses at OCAD, Oculum photography was born out of an individual project to represent the spirit of both ancient cities and new.


Oculum Photography